Necessity is the Mother of Invention…

November 2008, I injured my back in a car accident that resulted in 2 herniated discs. My doctor told me, much of my lower back pain would be alleviated by doing simple stretching, core exercises and Yoga every day.
While at home I began using 2 pieces of foam that were previous used as footrest and shaped in a cube, to do basic abdominal crunches and core exercises.

Since my core body was improving I became curious to know if a product existed on the market that could be used for exercise but stylish enough to stay in the room as furniture.
When discovered that there was nothing of the sort on the market or Patented, I quit my job sold my house and even moved to Mexico for 9 months to develop the 3D floor technology and prototype. We believe this simple concept will revolutionize the Fitness and disrupt the furniture industries, create job in the US and contribute to the improved Heath & Wellness of our users.

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